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Virtual Networking Saved my Business

The pandemic, #Covid19, came as shock to everyone around the world. How could we cope with being locked down for three months, or more. It took me about a month to take it all in, and learn how to live… Continue Reading →

Am I The Only Person Not Baking?

Does Everyone Bake During Challenging Times? Unless you are an alien who has come to visit from Mars, you will know that planet Earth is going through a serious pandemic #Covid19. Live We need to live. We need to work…. Continue Reading →

I Will Make Today Better

Today As far back as I can remember I was determined to make my today better. I was born with a determination to live every day to the fullest. Day to Day Challenges In my younger days as a High… Continue Reading →

I Admitted I Was Lonely

During this awful time where everyone around the globe is facing the pandemic, we call Covid-19, we are all experiencing many different emotions. One day I feel wonderful, the next day sad, and sometimes I shed a tear or two…. Continue Reading →

Grow Your Network

Growing Your Network by Connecting with Professionals The bitter sweet truth is this – when you connect to someone on LinkedIn and share with them that the reason you connected with them was “to grow your network by connecting with… Continue Reading →

8 Motivational Steps to Work From Home During Covid-19

Ensure you have a dedicated space to work so that you are not disturbed and can concentrate on the work in hand. Set a regular routine. This will enable you to get your tasks completed. Take a break mid-morning. Enjoy… Continue Reading →

Parents Doing Their Best

The photo I am sharing is one of my four children when they were much younger. It’s bad quality but I am sharing it because it fits in with my topic. My three sons were helping their sister open her… Continue Reading →

Conversation With Christopher Ahlberg – CEO Recorded Future

I was introduced to Christopher Ahlberg by my husband, and business partner Dave. More recently I invited Christopher to have a conversation with me via my Conversations Video Series and he very kindly agreed. My interest in Recorded Future stems… Continue Reading →

In Conversation with Tony DaSilva Cucci Cabello

I love The Small Business Show, which I created and co-host. My conversation with Tony, who has been my mentor, friend and takes care of my hair for many years was amazing on the show. The Small Business Show is… Continue Reading →

The Small Business Show

Becoming a Motivational Speaker I began my life as a business owner by becoming a motivational speaker. Having no business or corporate background I was a complete newbie. The year was 2000, and I began my speaking career at the… Continue Reading →

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