During this awful time where everyone around the globe is facing the pandemic, we call Covid-19, we are all experiencing many different emotions. One day I feel wonderful, the next day sad, and sometimes I shed a tear or two. It’s a process, I think, most of us are going through.

The Social Sweetheart

The world we once knew has changed forever. At the present time we have to get used to a virtual life online as a way to stay connected with others, both in our business lives and personal.

I am a strong, independent, social butterfly, and I am always there for others. During this crisis I have noticed not many people, in fact only a handful, actually take the time to ask how I am.

This is human nature, I understand that, so I reach out to others to ensure they are OK.

Today I admitted to two people, whom I am associated with through business, how I felt. I was honest, and it was the best thing I could have done.

Honesty is The Best Policy

Even before the current crisis people who are living alone, seniors as an example, often feel lonely. How often do they have visitors? How often does someone reach out to them?

Loneliness is not a product of Covid-19, its been around for centuries.

The problem is, we fail to share how we are feeling. Instead of being honest and admitting with someone how we feel. We assume they know, or are mind-readers.

You Are Not Weak

Reaching out to others is not a weakness, it shows strength. Whether you are feeling alone, lonely, or just want conversation, reach out. Communication whether face to face, over the phone or online can become confusing and people misinterpret the others intentions.

Communities Coming Together

We see a lot of communities, globally and locally coming together. One on one conversations, group conversations, whichever you prefer is a necessity more than ever at this time.

Don’t wait for others to reach out to you, reach out to them.

I am blessed with a lovely husband and business partner, and adult children. During the lockdown we are there for each other. Saying, that it’s nice now and then to have conversations with others.

My business does enable me to assist my clients and that keeps me busy. Today I admitted that I think because people see me as a strong person, they assume I don’t need to be asked “How are you feeling today”.

Today I was honest and admitted how I feel and the two people I shared this with understood. In fact they were feeling the same way.

I will continue to reach out to others, but I will also be honest and share that the current times are affecting me too.

Covid-19 will leave our lives at some point. I am hoping the lessons I have learned during this crisis continue to get me through once we return to our “normal” lives.