Are You in Business?

Are you in business? Do you own a business? Are you ready to move forward with your business?

#Covid19 has stalled many small businesses from operating and some have closed for good.

If you are ready to start again, and in the process of planning your short and long term strategies for your future success, having a solid business networking strategy is crucial.

Virtual Networking

Virtual networking is proving to have many benefits, until in person networking is deemed safe to enjoy once again.

We can enjoy connecting from the comfort of our own home office, whether it’s an office tucked away in the corner, or an office you use all the time at home.

For those of you who did not enjoy the in person networking due to being shy, or prefer not to be amongst a lot of people, virtual networking is probably something you enjoy.

It’s always a good idea to appear as professional online as you would when networking in person.

Face Masks During Covid19

Of course keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask does enable you to network with one person or a small number, but is that comfortable? Can you hear each other properly through the mask. When keeping a distance to be safe it could feel less personal.

I am a people person and when I have met someone in person, and still kept a distance, I feel that my smile is hiding behind my mask. It’s very difficult to see peoples expressions and the trust is a lot more difficult to build.

Your Networking Strategy

To build solid foundations for your business to succeed during these times of the pandemic, and a looming recession, ensure you have a business networking strategy that can guide you through the networking circuit.

My success is largely due to having a business networking strategy from the very beginning. I used this as a guide to assist me navigate the many different networking opportunities.

I have included a simple business networking strategy in my published book, Business Networking in a Nutshell, Secrets From The Social Sweetheart. This strategy is still current today and has helped hundreds of people plan their business networking strategy.

Some of the questions to ask yourself are Why, When, How, What. Why network? How much does it cost? A couple of examples.

My Success is Due to my Business Networking Strategy

As one of the co-founders of the Small Business Community Network I had already established a thriving business, Motivational Steps three years earlier. I knew that my success, my growth and my loyal clients came about due to my knowledge where connecting to others was concerned.

One of my secrets that I share on stage when offering a keynote, or when I am consulting with my clients is to build strong foundations first and foremost. Most people have a business plan, but fail to recognize early enough that whom you network with is vitally important to your future success. It’s not “just about sales”. But that’s another blog post, and is already a chapter in my book, Business Networking in a Nutshell.

We need a strategy where any kind of networking is concerned, be that social, business, or virtual.

I will leave you with this quote: “Popular people are like celebrities, everyone wants to be around them”. You can’t become popular if you are invisible. Your brand has to be visible. This is where having a networking strategy is important. It’s your roadmap to success!

If you want to stand out from the crowd, if you want to be noticed, you need a networking strategy.

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