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Why Small Biz Owners Need Support

Are you connecting with new small biz owners just to sell them your products and services? Surely this is cruel? If you go back in time to when you decided you wanted to start your first business, can you remember… Continue Reading →

How to Become Influential Versus Popular

I remember when it hit me all those years ago, the realization that many of the professional speakers who were invited to speak at conferences were popular, but not as good as me at delivering the message to the audience!… Continue Reading →

Do You Worry About People Copying Your Business Idea?

There is a great quote by Oscar Wilde “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”. What does this mean? People admire your business, brand, products and services and want to be just like you…. Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Sales Pitch?

Do you know what I had to do 16 years ago in order for me to be ready to have a great sales pitch when a possible customer phoned me? I printed off my ‘script’ which included everything I needed… Continue Reading →

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.

Recently I engaged a company to do some work for me. They were able to do an awesome job making sure we had a solid base for our new wooden shed. I was very happy with their work and when… Continue Reading →

Offer a Solution, Not a Sales Pitch

I know this sounds very much like a cliche` and one that most people say these days, but it’s true, without a doubt. Offer a solution to your would be clients problem, and when your client is ready to buy,… Continue Reading →

Fear Not Your Competitors

Competitors are something you are going to have to get used to. They multiply, they surround you and you start to run away and then stop…why are you running? You started your own business because you were passionate about your… Continue Reading →

Before You Try to Sell

Before You Try to Sell Owning and operating a business is no easy task, so why not make your life easier from day one? Before you try to sell your products and services ensure you have some brand elements in… Continue Reading →

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