Recently I engaged a company to do some work for me. They were able to do an awesome job making sure we had a solid base for our new wooden shed. I was very happy with their work and when I realised they also did lawn care I mentioned to them after they had finished the base for the shed that we wanted them to take care of our lawn.

What they did not do was follow up with me and remind me that the time had come to do the work on the lawn, and if it was not done at this time it would have to be left until next year.

Because I really liked the company I contacted them recently only to be told some of the work would have to wait until the following year, as the Autumn was not the right time to do it.

I felt disappointed that they had not contacted me, we had verbally told them we wanted them to take care of this work, and that is, in my eyes, an open invite to contact me with

When you have a hot lead like this and a happy customer follow up, follow up, follow up. In some cases the customer would have engaged someone else who had followed up, even with a cold call. This is because the customer should not have to be the one to remember to follow up, when they have a lot of choices of contractors to chose from.

Work can be lost because of this kind of complacency and we only decided to stay with the company who did not follow up because we had done the leg work to contact them, but we still feel disappointed. We could have hired someone else to do the work but that would involve even more time phoning or emailing another company and enough time has been wasted on this garden project as it is.