Before You Try to Sell

Owning and operating a business is no easy task, so why not make your life easier from day one?

Before you try to sell your products and services ensure you have some brand elements in place beforehand.

Are You Invisible to Your Target Market?

Social media means you can easily build a strong brand, and be found when people search for your particular products or services.

Sadly many small business owners use Facebook as an example as a means of selling to people, but unfortunately they have not take the time to research who their target market is, and they are trying to sell to everyone.

Obviously people will check you out, but todays customers are looking for things that they can relate to that they feel your business should display, such as:

  • Are you a a local business? Many people want to buy local these days.
  • Do you give back in your community, or are you just about the sale.
  • Has your brand been around for long is it credible?

All of the above are the foundations that you need to build before you can move forward. This can be done on Facebook by engaging with the people who follow you. They may not be your customer, but could refer you to someone once they understand your culture, your brand, and what it is you are selling.

Put yourself in the place of your target market and think about what you would expect from someone who is trying to sell you something. What are the important things you would be looking for before you handed over your business and, of course your money?

  • A professional and credible look and feel.
  • History, such as how long has the business been around? Testimonials from satisfied clients.

Did the representative of the business TELL you what you need, at the first contact or did they ASK you if you know what YOU NEED? Trying to tell someone you just met online that you know what they need, and you have the obvious solution, when you really have no idea is a great way to turn people away, never to return.

Networking Face to Face Offers You Visibility

When you attend a networking event are people interested in being introduced to you, finding out more about you? If your answer is no that is because you are, in essence invisible to many people, but you can take the plunge and introduce yourself to others. This opens up the opportunity for you to find out about them and vice versa.

There will be a time when people come to you and want to talk to you about your products and services, this may time a few months of you consistently been seen at various networking events and by you gaining a great reputation. Your reputation should be showcased as “finding out how you can help someone” versus someone who just wants to sell to anyone.

For instance, I have just met you at a networking event and we covered the – “my name is, and my business name is”. Why would it be appropriate to assume, without knowing anything other than the basics, that I can help you by selling you my products and services?

  • You may not have a budget, or have a small budget and cannot afford my services.
  • Where is the trust? We have not even built a relationship of any nature.
  • Do we even like or respect each other – very important when working together in any relationship.

People You Connect With

Prospects can be lost by not taking the time to reflect on their needs, and concentrating on your sale. Times have changed, competitors are on the ball and take the time to do the things you think waste your valuable time.

If a connection does not translate into a customer the other opportunities they could offer you still exist, and they could become your:

  • Sponsor
  • Referrer
  • Friend

All the above are important in business, more so than 10 years ago; the way we do business today is not the same as it was before social media came into being.

Don’t be invisible on line and at networking events take the time to build your brand and your presence.