I know this sounds very much like a cliche` and one that most people say these days, but it’s true, without a doubt. Offer a solution to your would be clients problem, and when your client is ready to buy, they will come to you.

What do I mean by offering a solution versus a sales pitch? Simply put it means we are all in business to sell, that’s a given. But, our clients want a solution to their problem, they don’t want us to ram an invoice down their throat as soon as they make it clear they are looking for help.

We don’t actually know what they need because it’s their problem, ┬ábut if we take the time to listen to them we will discover what it is they need. One example I like to share is a client who found me through my blog posts. She came to me after reading my blogs consistently and liking what she read. She shared with me that I was not selling via my blogs, but I was offering tips, advice, ideas and of course the very important ‘how to’s’. I was building rapport and a community by sharing my blogs and obviously helping a lot of people in business.

How did I solve her problem? She was looking for someone to speak at her conference who could offer simple practical advice to a new sales team in her organization, who were recruited to sell a certain product. The new sales team did not understand the benefits of building relationships first and foremost and by concentrating on cold calling the revenue went down. This problem had to be solved quickly, my client knew that I could solve the problem, she had built up a trust with me over time by reading my blogs and felt she knew me personally.

Clients want a solution, not a service.

Do you have any ideas to share that you know worked for you when you were looking for clients? Why not share them here by leaving a comment, thanks.