Competitors are something you are going to have to get used to. They multiply, they surround you and you start to run away and then stop…why are you running?

You started your own business because you were passionate about your idea, you enjoy what you do and you have faith you have something no one else has.

Always remember, no one can be you. Repeat this every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. Know that you  truly believe in the power of you!

We can learn from our competitors, the things they do right and the things they don’t do so well. Customers talk, they love to share their complaints and, when deserved, they are loyal to the people they do business with.

Wasting precious time looking over your shoulder to see if your competitors are more successful than you, or if they are ‘spying’ on you serves no purpose.

I prefer to befriend my competitors and the ones that want to ignore me and ‘fear’ me – that’s their problem. We can’t service every customer, and this could be because of their budgetary restrictions, or just a plain old personality clash. By getting to know and trust and like our competitors we can offer them a referral and they reciprocate, it’s a win win situation.

What tactics do you use where your competitors are concerned. Why not share your ideas with me?