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Parents Doing Their Best

The photo I am sharing is one of my four children when they were much younger. It’s bad quality but I am sharing it because it fits in with my topic. My three sons were helping their sister open her… Continue Reading →

Conversation With Christopher Ahlberg – CEO Recorded Future

I was introduced to Christopher Ahlberg by my husband, and business partner Dave. More recently I invited Christopher to have a conversation with me via my Conversations Video Series and he very kindly agreed. My interest in Recorded Future stems… Continue Reading →

In Conversation with Tony DaSilva Cucci Cabello

I love The Small Business Show, which I created and co-host. My conversation with Tony, who has been my mentor, friend and takes care of my hair for many years was amazing on the show. The Small Business Show is… Continue Reading →

The Small Business Show

Becoming a Motivational Speaker I began my life as a business owner by becoming a motivational speaker. Having no business or corporate background I was a complete newbie. The year was 2000, and I began my speaking career at the… Continue Reading →

Building Your Brand

Brand Elements Your brand image will be judged, and people will make their own minds up about whether you are a brand they want to work with and be loyal to, or not. In the first few months of your… Continue Reading →

Why You Need a Strategy For Everything Business

Me When I entered the world of business 18 years ago by becoming a small business owner I had no prior experience, no money to invest in my business, and I had never worked in the corporate world. My decision… Continue Reading →

One-Hour Complimentary Business Consulting

Attracting Clients I am always happy to offer a one-hour complimentary business consulting session. When I decided to become a business owner 19 years ago I had no idea how to approach building the foundations for my future success. I… Continue Reading →

Patience is a Virtue

Sharing News One of the biggest challenges people have in business is patience. Obviously I know how exciting it is to announce a new brand, a new product or service, or an event. But if you gain momentum when sharing… Continue Reading →

So You Want Your Own TV Show?

Overnight Success People tend to look at successful businesses and think they were an overnight success. But, the reality is, only a very small percentage of businesses have a fast rise to the top. You probably know that old saying… Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

Why You? We all receive the same messages online, and we all get asked the same questions face to face. Please connect with me Please buy my products/services In essence we all want others to do something for us; to… Continue Reading →

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