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Are You The Sleazy Salesperson?

Sales We all want to sell, we all need sales, we need to pay our bills. But, business has changed over the past 18 years, the way we sell has changed, and those of us who have survived and are… Continue Reading →

LinkedIn Views – What’s The Point?

LinkedIn Views When you post an article, a graphic, any information at all on LinkedIn, what’s the point? Why do we post on LinkedIn in the first place? That’s a great question and I am going to share a few… Continue Reading →

A Woman in Business

My First Experience  I remember 18 years ago when I started Motivational Steps as a brand new business how difficult it was when it came to talking to ‘the men in suits’. It was only later on when my business… Continue Reading →

How to Find Out Which Posts on LinkedIn Are Popular

Why? You post on LinkedIn, and you walk away. What’s the point of checking to see who has viewed your posts on LinkedIn? Measuring the success of anything you do in business is essential, otherwise you could be wasting time… Continue Reading →

Spam Emails

Way Back When…  Way back when I first decided to be a brand new, innocent and ignorant small business owner I made a very important mistake. That mistake probably cost me a lot of work, but sadly I had no… Continue Reading →

How to Cope When Unexpected Challenges Enter Your Life

Expect The Unexpected Whether we are employed and working for an organization, or if we have our own business, not expecting the unexpected challenges to disrupt our lives means sure disaster and stress! Unexpected challenges in our personal and work… Continue Reading →

Introducing Linda Ockwell-Jenner

Who am I? It’s important to know who I am because I want you to get to know me; I am not an invisible person hiding behind my blog posts. I am a real person and I have transformed my… Continue Reading →

Why is The Grass Always Greener?

Is The Grass Always Greener on The Other Side? In my early days of being a business owner I would look at other people and wish that I had the success they had. My perception was that these people were… Continue Reading →

Are You a Fish or a Fisherman?

Fishing For Clients Sales, we all like to say we are not in sales, but everyone is in sales, without sales we have no revenue. Admitting we need to sell not only makes it easier to commit, we actually believe… Continue Reading →

Time Challenges

  Being Aware We Have a Problem Today I want to share some of my experiences where scheduling is concerned. If we are not finding enough time in the day to complete our work we have to find a solution… Continue Reading →

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