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One of These Photos is Not Like The Other

Profile Photo What is the purpose of having a profile photo of yourself online? LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, to name a few of the social media platforms all want us to have a profile photo of ourselves. I would suggest… Continue Reading →

Different Ways to Deal With Challenges

Facing Challenges What makes one person able to carry on when facing a challenge, and what makes another person give up? Great question and one I am asked all the time from audiences and when people read my books. I… Continue Reading →

Why is Your Business Not Attracting Clients?

How Can I Attract Clients? One of the most popular questions I am asked is “how can I attract clients”. ┬áThis is not always a question from brand new business owners. It is quite common for a business to have… Continue Reading →

How to Not Let Opportunities Pass You By

Opportunities Are you waiting for that all important opportunity to come knocking on your door? Wait no more – you are wasting your time, opportunities are in front of your face but you are not noticing them. Someone else has… Continue Reading →

Renewed Journey of Reflection

Why Me? I am guilty of uttering those words, yes, in the past. When challenge after challenge kept slapping me back and forth and I felt I could not cope anymore, I asked myself “why me“? It was a moment… Continue Reading →

Successful People Are Not Created

Sales Pitch I know everyone has a sales pitch, but the ones I dislike the most actually sound the silliest: We can “create” successful people. You will be “transformed” in a few weeks. Ok let’s pick apart the above two… Continue Reading →

What is a Brand Ambassador?

What is a Brand Ambassador? I checked Wikipedia and other sources and decided to use this description, because it somewhat fits in with my thoughts: “Predominantly, a brand ambassador is known as a positive spokesperson, an opinion leader or a… Continue Reading →

Living With Life’s Challenges

Cancer Today I wanted to share with you an article I wrote in 2004 and it relates to when I was celebrating being cancer free for four years. This was quite an achievement, because it was my second time around,… Continue Reading →

Are You A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Are You Genuine? You have your own business and you want to make connections so that you can build relationships and gain referrals. The question is are you who you appear to be? I know I have been disappointed quite… Continue Reading →

Adding Graphics to Your Online Content May be Illegal

Adding Graphics to Your Content Online We all love to add graphics to our online content, and this is because it has been proven that content with graphics that are colourful and stand out gain more attention, and people are… Continue Reading →

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