18 Years Ago

I returned to school after my second diagnosis of breast cancer, in fact I underwent a double mastectomy. The date was Friday 12th August 2000, and on the same day they took away my breasts the surgeon also gave me implants. Those implants last just 3 weeks and due to a massive infection I had to have them removed.

It took me a while to recover not only from the infection, but from the fact that I had literally had my breasts removed three times.

Emotionally I was coping, I had to, with four children and a new partner living with me what choice did I have?

I Returned to School

I did not give myself time to dwell or become obsessed with my life’s challenges. After returning to school to become a secretary, or so I thought, I became a Motivational Speaker whilst finishing my one year course.

No One Knew Who I Was

Even though I was and still am a natural speaker, I have a conversation versus preach, and the audience love me, no one knew who I was 18 years ago. I was an unknown hidden away, until I decided to take action.

Recognizing that I had a challenge, and that was that no on knew who I was, meant I was able to take action and deal with that problem.

I Built Strong Foundations to Grow My Business

After building the strong foundations to increase my chance of success I knew I would get to where I wanted to be.

The most important thing I did was build my brand, this was a huge part of my success and still is.

My brand began to stand out, my online presence increased, my speaking engagements came along and here I am 18 years later still enjoying my work, which I know I was meant to do.

Being in Business Today

There are thousands of small businesses alone in my local area, and when someone asks for my advice I give it straight and to the point. If you want to stand out you have to build those important foundations, because if you don’t you will not succeed. It’s not a race, its a journey.  In order to ensure you stay on top of your goals, you need to ensure your business plan and everything that it takes to build a business is done step by step, day by day.

No One Knew Who I was 18 Years Ago

Today everyone knows who I am. Whether I am in another country, on the TV, shopping in the Mall, people know me and remember me. I have worked hard to get to this place and I love every minute.