Do You Want Loyal Clients?

Of course you want loyal clients.

What is a loyal client?

  • They keep coming back to purchase your products and services.
  • They refer you to others.
  • They become your brand ambassadors.

Loyal clients like, respect and trust you.

Why Don’t You Have Loyal Clients?

Maybe you don’t even know the reason why your clients can’t be retained, and stay loyal to you. If so think about this as if you were the client. What would encourage you to be a loyal client?

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Prompt follow up.
  • Wonderful customer care.
  • Price.
  • Awesome products and services.
  • Company culture.

The above list is an example of some of the most important reasons customers stay loyal to certain companies.

Do Your Clients Understand Your Brand?

Your brand, and here is hoping you have one, should be recognizable and speak to your target market.

There are thousands of small businesses out there today so why pick you? Customers all want something different when they decide to choose a company to buy from. By recognizing some of the most important elements of your brand when they are shopping around, they will know who they want to spend their money with.

I mentioned above some of the reasons customers pick one business versus another, and stay loyal long term.

Do You Have a Favourite Brand?

This question always leaves the audience puzzled,  and they take a long time to think about this . Many people say that their own brand is their favourite brand. Well that’s nice I retort. So are you enjoying being your own favourite brand and buying your own products and services?

If you are not loyal to any brand, then how can you know how you can encourage people to be loyal to your brand?

Has the penny dropped yet?

Think of it like this, one of my favourite brands is Apple, I love them to bits and I am loyal to them. I keep going back for more, I tell other people how wonderful their products and services are. I spend my money with Apple.

Why am I Loyal to Apple?

Here are two reasons I love Apple and one thing I don’t really like:

  • Products simple, and easy to use, as well as the look and feel is gorgeous.
  • Great customer care before and after the sale.
  • Price is expensive, but it’s well worth it so I will pay it.

As you can see the price is the least favourite thing about Apple for me, but I could shop elsewhere and get inferior products, services, customer service etc. You get what you pay for is that popular old saying.

Are You Loyal to Any Brand?

If not read on.

Transfer What You Like to Your Brand

As a brand new business owner 18 years ago I had no idea about brand or how to gain or even retain customers. By checking out the brands I was loyal to and knowing what I, as a customer, liked, I was able to transfer those important brand elements into my own brand, in my own way.

This is not about copying or turning into someone else’s brand, and being them. It’s about knowing what you, as the customer, wants.

It Works

It works, I have loyal clients, my brand is understand and recognized.

I share this with my clients, audiences, in my books and once people get it then they are on their way to gaining loyal customers.