I love sharing simple and effective tips that can assist you in everything you do in life, but especially in business.

Are you a good listener? Or, do you want to jump in before the other person has finished speaking with your point of view or idea, as examples?

The person who can listen, with intent, and be in the present moment, is the person who wins every time. You can discover so much about the person who is speaking if you are a good listener and patient enough to let them finish what they are saying.

Where business is concerned you can discover if someone is a possible client, mentor, sponsor or partner, as a few examples. When a person knows the other person is listening to them they feel a sense of trust, and pride, because someone cares enough about them to listen.

If you are not sure if you are a good listener there are some free resources online that you can access. You will be able to discover if you are a good listener, have good eye contact and a lot of other important information about you.

I always say that before we can get to know others, we should get to know ourselves first.