In my early days of building Motivational Steps there was no social media. I relied on my own resilience to find online newsletters, so that I could add content. I wrote letters to the newspaper. I wrote articles for online magazines. I gained myself an online presence.

One of my biggest and most noted strengths is not being afraid to put others before myself. I love to showcase other people, whether they are in the same business as me or not. I give credit where credit is due.

If I like someone’s work I let them know. If I like someones article I do the same. We don’t know how well we are doing if no one tells us and this is quite sad. We are all happy to blow our own trumpets but by giving someone else the much needed shout-out they deserve, we are also helping ourselves.

My passion is building communities, whether they are local or global I surround myself with like minded individuals and we gain comfort and support from each other.

It’s Ok to share other people’s successes, it won’t take away from yours, believe me.