Hello again

Here is another very short video clip where I am presenting on the topics of Content Marketing and Social Selling.


Content Marketing

The formal description of content marketing would be…

Sharing your online content, in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, and of course your social media posts. I have been enjoying much success doing this for many years, but I do not tend to sell this way. It’s a form of promotion via my interesting, thought provoking and often educational content. This could be called a lead generator, in the purest form, because my content does create interest for both my businesses.

The above post is something I shared on my Facebook Page, Motivational StepsĀ 

I also share my blogs, podcasts, videos and they do gain me a lot of exposure, and ultimately clients.

Social Selling

Social selling, something I love beyond words…..

I am very much into building relationships first and foremost, this does offer me a chance to get to know people and discover their likes, interests, needs, etc.

Part of the sales process, where social selling is concerned, is actually getting to know your contacts online. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social networks are a great way to build those all important relationships. In some cases you can carry on the conversation face to face, over the phone, and this can be very impactful.


I use Twitter as a resource to showcase how social I am, my bubbly personality, my eagerness to help others, and this works well for me.

Example of Someone Who Has Success With Social Selling

A very trusted business contact, who is also a friend after building our relationship over many years is Ian Inglis, Re/Max Solid Gold Realty (II) Ltd.

I actually invited Ian to be a guest on my TV Show, The Small Business Show, so he could explain how this has led to his continued success.

Welcome to The Future

It’s OK if you are just beginning to share your content, and try out social selling, it’s never too late, welcome to the future.

My advice is to see how others do this successful, especially the well known brands, and practice to see what works and what does not.