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Content Marketing/Social Selling

Hello again Here is another very short video clip where I am presenting on the topics of Content Marketing and Social Selling.   Content Marketing The formal description of content marketing would be… Sharing your online content, in the form… Continue Reading →

LinkedIn Views – What’s The Point?

LinkedIn Views When you post an article, a graphic, any information at all on LinkedIn, what’s the point? Why do we post on LinkedIn in the first place? That’s a great question and I am going to share a few… Continue Reading →

Why is The Grass Always Greener?

Is The Grass Always Greener on The Other Side? In my early days of being a business owner I would look at other people and wish that I had the success they had. My perception was that these people were… Continue Reading →

How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business So you want to start a business but you don’t know where to start. A few things I want you to think about first and foremost are: Do you expect more time off work when… Continue Reading →

Building Trusted Relationships

Why build trusted relationships? When in business it’s difficult to know someone after a few meetings. Not everyone portrays the real them, at first, or ever, which was very difficult for me to come to grips with in my early… Continue Reading →

How to Find The End of Your Comfort Zone

Let Me Introduce Myself Today I want you to feel comfortable with me, as if I am in the same room as you and you are really getting to know me. The reason I mention this is because it can… Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Sales Pitch?

Do you know what I had to do 16 years ago in order for me to be ready to have a great sales pitch when a possible customer phoned me? I printed off my ‘script’ which included everything I needed… Continue Reading →

Do You Have Army of Social Media Connections

Do you want to gain more credibility and do you want to share your content to different audiences, so your readers are from different demographics? This in turn creates a strong brand presence and the referrals start pouring in. It’s… Continue Reading →

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