I can hear you asking, why did you not want to write the book? Simple, I don’t believe anyone can be an expert to the fullest level in anything we do in life. This is because we are continually learning new ways, new ideas, now solutions, new everything. The word “expert” is overused and under valued I believe.


It’s True

Yes, it is true I have built two successful small businesses because I discovered how to build a network of people. I built trusted relationships and I knew  how to benefit from those relationships, and more importantly, how my connections could benefit also.

This is a very short video clip, where I share with the audience I did not want to write a certain book…

My Early Days

I am often called “an overnight success”, and then I have a little giggle. An overnight success that is still thriving, growing, and exploring all the opportunities out there. An overnight success that, so far, has taken 18 years to achieve.

No one knew who I was all those years ago. I had no idea who I was either, to be honest. I had jumped straight into starting my first business, Motivational Steps ( yes I have shared that story) and I had no experience at all, in sales or the corporate world.

Due to the fact I had no money at all to invest in my first business, I had no cell phone, no smart clothes, no brand, and no connections who could help me. What I did have was, my passion, hope, the belief I could do it, and of course my dreams of when I would become successful.

How Did I do it?

2001 saw me pounding the streets as I walked from one store to another in my local malls. I would stop and chat with either the owner of the store, or the employees and get to know them. I then came up with the idea of researching local business owners and emailing or phoning them for a coffee chat, something which is now a popular part of building our business network.

I got lots of rejections, people who saw no benefit taking an hour away from work to sit and chat with me and share their secrets of success. But the people who did take the time to meet me, and some of those people are still around today and I am loyal to them, were a great benefit to me. I will never forget the help they gave me.

Due to the fact I had no idea what to do at networking events, or any money to attend most of them, I struggled to find free events to attend. I could not  become a member of any organizations due to the hefty cost that involved.  I had to learn the hard way how beneficial knowing how to network efficiently and consistently could be.

The photo I am sharing shows me in a local book store with my very first book, A Life Like Mine, which also has a second edition. It was due to my networking locally and building relationships that this opportunity came along.

The Present Day

Not only did I become known as The Social Sweetheart, who knew how to work a room, who knew the benefit of connecting with people for different reasons, I also co-founded my own business networking organization. The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) came into being because one day I had an idea, and I saw an opening for a networking organization that no one else had thought about. The SBCN celebrates its 14th year Anniversary this November, and we are honoured to have as our corporate sponsors TELUS, an amazing organization, with whom we have a wonderful relationship. We also have our wonderful Community Partner Sponsors for which we are forever grateful.


I Wrote The Book

Yes, I eventually wrote the book that people kept asking me to write. It’s my third published book, available on Amazon

I am extremely happy I made the choice to write the book, it shares all my tips, experiences and strategies. Feedback, reviews, people I meet around the World are all very happy to share with me that my book, Business Networking in a Nutshell, Secrets From The Social Sweetheart, has helped them tremendously,

I always make it clear that because I wrote this book, and because business and social networking are a big part of my success, I am in  no way an expert. Educating myself and learning new and effective ways to network, is one of the most important things I continue to do.

I believe we have to constantly educate ourselves and learn new ways to do things. Explore, research, read, listen. Above all be open to new ways and of course, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.