From the very first book I wrote, A Life Like Mine, ┬ápeople who purchased my book consistently gave me the same message. ‘ Linda, it’s as if I am sitting in the same room as you and we are having a conversation. You make me feel so special’.

Yesterday someone who purchased my third book, Business Networking in a Nutshell, Secrets From The Social Sweetheart, wrote a fantastic review, but I won’t share it all, it’s quite long. I will share the piece that relates to the importance of being you. ‘I was delighted with the true style in which the book was written, it was almost as if Linda’s voice was reading it to me.

Today it’s typical to connect online before even meeting someone, and the anticipation of meeting a person who we feel we know and like can be spoilt if the person turns out to be completely different than we had thought.

As an author I have my own very special way of writing, as a speaker I have my own very special way of connecting with my audience. I have never used a script, I always speak from my heart, and I reach out to everyone who is in the audience. The importance of being you and knowing who the real you is means that your connections, your clients, your audience will always feel an affinity with you and stay loyal to you.

Stay true to who you are, and please feel free to leave your comments here, or email me, I love hearing your feedback.