It’s time we talked about the conversation you should have with your connections. You are using social media to find people with whom you can connect for many different reasons. Even though your profile and bio may explain all to the people who connect with you, they might not – wait for it – read your bio and profile as well as they should, if at all. Shocker! I know, how dare they not read your bio and profile, after all the work you put into it!

Obviously your profile and bio are part of your brand, and you have done a great job making sure it’s a consistent brand and stands out and is noticed, most of the time. There will always be those people who are excited to connect with you, want to get to know you but fail to read the important things they really should know about you. Let’s admit it, humans are not perfect.

I have the answer, and it works for me so you know it’s a tried and trusted strategy. Conversation is the answer, engaging with your connections not only builds trust, it opens up the door for all those questions, such as ‘what do you do’. I do have a golden rule here though that I want you to remember. If a connection wants to chat privately with you online, but does not already know what you do, has no interest in finding out, and boldly tries to sell to you, stand firm and say no!

The ultimate goal of your social media strategy is to gain clients, make more sales, build partnerships, communities, sponsors, brand ambassadors, and this can only be done with trusted connections who have taken the time, to get to know you. As you have taken the time to get to know them. It’s a win win situation.

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