You have been busy building your business, and now you have some awesome customer reviews. It’s time to showcase how much your loyal customers appreciate you, it’s time to show off!

I used to find it difficult to showcase how wonderful I was, being British/Canadian I was not used to shouting from the roof tops just how wonderful I am.

But, there comes a time when you have to ‘just do it’. Your website should have some customer testimonials on it, that offers others a chance to see that your customers are loyal to you. If you are on LinkedIn your connections can either offer you a recommendation or an endorsement on your skill-set.

Recently I have received reviews via Amazon where my third published book is being sold, and these reviews showcase how wonderful my new book is.

It is OK to ask for testimonials, reviews or recommendations, written ones are always the best versus verbal, because you can share them online everywhere you are active.

People who are looking to buy something, products or services, appreciate seeing customer reviews, it offers them a trust that they can move forward with their purchase.

As always I look forward to your emails and comments on here, thanks.