Patience is a Virtue

The purpose of this blog is to share my expertise, my challenges, my ups and my downs since starting my first business, Motivational Steps 16 years ago.

Patience has always been something I excel at, mostly because I have had no choice. One example would be when I was attending Sunnybrook Cancer Centre for my radiation the first time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The shuttle bus would take us at 8am in the morning to the hospital if our treatment time was anywhere between 8.30 to 1pm so we had a lot of waiting around to do.

Where business is concerned, we are always waiting for something to happen, whether it’s finishing our website or waiting to see if a customer wants to buy from us, it’s a waiting game.

Planning Ahead

Another asset I have is planning ahead. I set short and long term goals. It is important to look forward but also to be in the present. For instance I started my speaking business with just one keynote which was called ‘Living With Life’s Challenges’. I planned ahead to when I would offer half day workshops at a time when I knew I could handle the work involved.

Turn Your Dream Into Your Reality

It’s fantastic we all have the ability to dream, about the things we want, or the thing we would like to do. The problem arises when we fail to work towards turning our dream into our reality. About four years ago I knew I wanted to host my own TV show, but even though I looked around for opportunities and worked on TV shows to gain experience I was not able to follow that dream immediately. I never gave up on that dream, and made it a long term goal.

My Own TV Show

About a year ago I knew the time was right and I invited a trusted business owner whom I had worked with on my own videos and podcasts to be a part of my own TV show as my co-host.  I had the idea it was now time to approach the people who could make it happen and plan, prepare and wait, and wait, and wait.

It has taken a long time, perseverance, and patience to get to this point, but I can now announce I am the creator and co-host of The Small Business Show on Rogers TV, to be aired this fall!  I am way beyond excited, I am thrilled to bits and can’t wait to tape our shows.

Thank You for your support by being here and enjoying my blog posts, I love to receive your emails and messages, so keep them coming. If you have any questions please let me know and I will be back soon with another blog post.