Why Have a Home Office

  • Less expensive than a rented or leased space.
  • Convenience.

It can be expensive to rent or lease a space to use as a dedicated office, but if you are a Lawyer, Real Estate agent, or some other such profession it would seem appropriate.

If your business does not necessarily have a need to invite clients to your location it works well to have a home office. Some people do divide their home into part office, part home, and this can be professional and work well when clients visit your office.

Challenges Associated With a Home Office

If you work out of a home office and do not have a dedicated private space many challenges can arise.


  • Family members answer your phone, in a not so professional manner.
  • Noise from family members in your home may be heard when talking to a customer over the phone. This can be distracting for both you and your clients.
  • You are interrupted by family members when you are working.

If you must work out of your home claim at least a small space as your own, it does not have to be immaculate but it does have to be relatively private and quiet most of the time.

Set rules for when you are working out of your home office:


  • Put a Do Not Disturb Sign where it can be seen for others living in your home.
  • Have rules for your daily work – such as if you start at 9am, unless there is an emergency, you will behave as you would if you were in a rented/leased office space. If you are tempted to watch TV or fill the dishwasher, for instance versus starting work on time, you have to create new habits.

Everyone will have their own rules when working from home. For instance whether you are a stay at home  Mother or Father you may have to factor in picking up children from school or dropping them off somewhere during your work day.

Working from home can save time and money but there are also many distractions. Once you have worked out what time frame, structure, works for you, your work days will be more organized and less stressful.

Inviting Clients to Your Home Office

If you are inviting clients to your home office and do not have a dedicated work space or separate entrance it’s always wise to close doors, and for the spaces that can be seen by your clients try to tidy up some clutter so that your client does not see you portrayed as less than professional.

In closing, enjoy working from home, make your own rules, the ones that work for you and it is always a great idea to step out of your home office to enjoy coffee with clients, or go for a walk in your lunch hour.

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