Whether you are a new business or an existing business think carefully before you jump in and start a Facebook Page.https://www.facebook.com/motivationalsteps/ . Check mine out and you might get an ideas for your own page.

The first thing to think about is why you want a Facebook page. It will offer you a showcase window to the world, whether you are a business that has a real life store front or not, it will offer you more exposure.

Remember when you create your Facebook page it’s about your brand, consistency where your marketing materials are concerned is vital. Your message should be the same on your Facebook page as all your other marketing materials, such as website, business cards, flyers etc. This helps you become recognized and memorable.

Make your page your own, create awesome content, update on a regular basis, and the time frame is up to you, but be consistent. Engage with the people who have liked your page and be open to discussions. Do not delete honest criticism, respond and be open to debates.

Stay relevant and up to date, involve your audience with questions and competitions and always reply to comments with a Thank You if no further comment is required.

As always your comments are important to me so please share them here, thank you.