Am I a Workaholic?

The answer is yes, but I am careful to take time for me, and to eat properly, get moderate exercise, stuff like that. Part of being a workaholic, for me, is the fact I love my work so much, it’s fun, rewarding and something I never thought in a million years I would be doing. I forget when to stop sometimes.

This Happened to me Today

Earlier today I decided to relax in a bubble bath because after supper I will be working on a podcast, and some videos. What better way to take time for me I thought to myself.

I ran my bath, poured lots of lovely bath salts into the water and put my music on so I could listen, relax and just breathe.

Just before I got into the bath an email popped up on my iPhone, and I did the thing I know I should not have done, I read the email. I know it could have waited but it was an email I have been waiting for, from someone I admire so, there you go, I read the email. I put my phone down, safely away from the water, but within reach if I am being honest. I then stepped into the bath lay back and, then it happened!

My Thoughts Took Over

Instead of forgetting work for a while I lay there thinking stuff like “what if I don’t reply to this person, and the opportunity disappears”? Plus there are other players in this plan and I needed to let them know to hold off moving forward until I replyed this particular email.

As I lay there my thoughts were all rushing around in my head, taking over from the bubble bath and encouraging me to reply to the email!

I gave in, I stepped out of the bath, onto the bath mat, grabbed my fluffy towel and replied to the email. There, it was as easy as that, my email interrupted my relaxing bubble bath!

The good news is I felt much more relaxed after replying to the email, so I turned my phone off, stepped back into those warm bubbles and lay there listening to the music.

As always I love to hear from you, your comments and thoughts are always welcome, thanks.