Are You Too Busy?

First of all let’s clarify what being ‘too busy’ means. It could mean:

  • You are not organized so you move from one project to another with no plan or preparation.
  • You need to hire someone to take away some of the work you don’t need to do, so you can concentrate on your skill-set.

Plan and Prepare

When you plan ahead and your calendar is up to date your work flow should be better. Unless of course you are over booking yourself, i.e. trying to cram too many tasks into an 8 hour period, for instance.

Always leave space for the unexpected emergencies, whatever they may be.

Letting Go

It may be time to let go some of the tasks that you no longer need to do, such as accounting, or marketing. Hiring the right people to take care of the tasks you no longer have time to do, leaves you time to concentrate on the core of your business. It can be difficult finding the right person(s) but it’s well worth it. Ask around your trusted connections for referrals that will save time in the long run.


If it’s not a case of needing more people it could be that you are taking time on social media and not considering how much time you spend on this task. Unless you are primarily a social media manager, for instance, it’s not a good idea to live on social media. Ensure your calendar has set times and tasks to take care of your social media and know when to switch off and return to other work that may not me being online.

Drowning in Your Work

The feeling of being too busy can lead to stress. If you feel that you have too much work and not enough time address this issue as soon as possible. You will be less productive if you have no plan and can’t prioritize.

I decided when my business took off that it was time to pay an accountant and a virtual assistant to take on a lot of the work I no longer had time to do, or even enjoyed. Once I had made the decision I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

As always, it’s about choices, the choices you make. If money is an issue and you can’t afford to pay someone, try the barter system, or look at financial assistance to hire someone who may be on disability or unemployment benefits.

Please stay in touch by emailing me and let me know your thoughts, I love to hear from you.