When you first start your business you will probably want to order 1,000 business cards. My tip is to order less, even if you have a fantastic offer to print more for less money it can be a big mistake.

You may decide you don’t like your brand, which includes your logo and this is quite an important part of your brand. Maybe you changed your email address, or business address and the information shared on your business cards is out of date. Obviously you can cross out the out of date information but it would look very tacky, cheap and not professional. Of course you can put a white blank sticker over the top of the out of date information and write your new information on it, but again it looks very cheap.

In my early days of building Motivational Steps we would make our own business cards. Everyone has a black and white or colour printer these days, and it does not have to cost you a lot of money to purchase one. Chose the ready made, blank, business cards you want to use from a stationery store and design the look and feel yourself. You can easily change any out of date information by printing new business cards whenever you want and it will look professional at the same time.

As your business progresses and you have more budget to spend on marketing, advertising and such like you can easily do business with one of your trusted contacts and order business cards.

In my next blog post I will share why not giving your business card to everyone you meet pays off, for you!