I have been running two businesses now since 2001, and even though it’s a fun time and I love what I do, I need downtime for me, on occasion.

It’s important to realize that health & wellness should be a big part of our daily lives in order for us to live the life we truly want. We can’t travel if we are sick. ┬áIf we are tired, lethargic and feel stressed. If we are prone to viruses on a regular basis, maybe our immune system is run down and not strong enough to cope with our busy life?

It’s not scary and hard work to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. A sensible diet, with treats now and then works for me. Moderate exercise, maybe a walk by the river, or jogging is a great way to get fresh air and stay fit. Moderation in alcohol is also important. Having a good nights sleep means I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Always remember our work is important but so is our family time, and time we spend with friends. The ‘me’ time I enjoy involves visiting my hair salon once a week, a trip to the spa every couple of months, and of course shopping which I love to do.

You can’t be wealthy if you are not healthy!