A day in the life of me.

It’s been an eventful week. It’s was our *holiday* Monday to Friday.

Monday I was having tests at our local hospital.

Tuesday I shut my finger in the patio door and managed to slice my nail off (acrylic nail) it really hurt and now I am a nail less. But, always looking on the bright side I now know how to remove my acrylic nails!

Today I am ‘trying’ to make a trifle, something I have done very well for years with no problems. It did not start well. The can of mixed fruit had NO CHERRIES AT ALL! Not one! The tin says it should have at least one cherry, it does not guarantee more than one. I phoned the store I purchased the can of fruit from and they assured me there should be at least one cherry! The good news is I can have a free can of mixed fruit if I go in to my local store – yippee – bit too late to decorate my trifle though!

I made the jelly without any problems at all – one point to me.

I BURNT the custard, yes BURNT the custard – how on earth did I do that? I am now in the process of waiting for the new custard to cool down before I add it to my trifle, and I dread to think what can go wrong next.

But, I always do my best to always look on the bright side of life.