How to Start a Business

So you want to start a business but you don’t know where to start. A few things I want you to think about first and foremost are:

  • Do you expect more time off work when you start your own business?
  • Is your family, significant other, children, happy about you starting your own business?
  • Do you know anything at all about operating a business?

First Steps

I did not plan to start a business, I was catapulted into it so to speak, and it has been hard work, still is, but lots of fun and I love what I do.

Now you have decided to move ahead with your plan for a business there are many things to do but a couple of important tasks would be:

  • Write a simple business plan. You can get help with this from family, friends, small business centres, online resource websites.
  • Research other businesses in your local area who do the same, or something similar to the business you have in mind.
  • Set goals from Day 1. Write the goals down so you can see them. Make the goals attainable.
  • Check out any free or affordable courses online or in person that pertain to starting a small business.

The first steps I am advising you to take are simple and build start building the strong foundations for your business idea.

Things Not to do

Do not start selling your products and services until you have at least:

  • The basics of your brand.
  • An idea what networking is, how it can help you and where to network.
  • Do not jump on the social media platforms until you have established the above.


Know Your Target Market

Everyone cannot be your target market, so research your ideal client/customer. Know your figures, what your bottom line is etc. Seek the help of people already in business to offer some guidance with this.

Slow Process

Building a business can be a slow progress, or a fast one, and it is determined by many things. The type of business you want to operate, your products and services, your budget, and of course your business background or any knowledge you have about business.

I have seen businesses become successful almost immediately, but after 3 or 4 years disappear into oblivion.

Slow and steady growth is a great way to go, it ensures you build strong and firm foundations and support over time.

I think it’s amazing when someone starts a small business and I am always here to help. There are many books written on this very topic, but for today I have kept this blog post short and sweet with just the basics and of course some homework for you to do.

Please let me know if this post has helped you and if you like my posts in general thanks.

Check out my video “Starting a Small Business”.