When a woman asks me what it’s like to live life after a double mastectomy I share that everyone is different. We all experience different emotions, feelings, and our outcomes are not always as we expected, or what we wished for.
The most important thing to remember is that this operation is being done for a very good reason, to save a life, and how we look on the outside has really nothing to do with who we are on the inside.
My husband loved me even more, with a scarred chest and no breasts, and we went on to marry 4 years after my operation. True love has no boundaries, true love sees beauty, not scars, true love comes from deep within our soul and nothing on earth can change that.
We need to be able to love ourselves for who we are not what we look like, smile to light up a dark day, laugh to waken our inner soul. Accept that we are who we are because of our life’s challenges and experiences.
A woman’s life may never be the same again after breast cancer, but it can be better and even more enriched once we accept that life is what we make it.