Anyone can start a business and sell to anyone and everyone, or try. It might work in the first few months or even a year, but eventually you will be left with no customers.

If you concentrate on your target market, for your particular niche, and know it’s not all about you making the sale and moving on, you will most likely succeed. If you are a here today, gone tomorrow kind of person and leave your loyal customers behind, who will refer you in the future?

It takes years to build a strong brand and trusted relationships, and this is time worth spent. Ensuring your loyal customers are OK and you stay in touch with them, refer them, they will know you care and reciprocate.

Eventually the sell to everyone person does stand out from the crowd, but not in a way anyone would want to. People talk to each other and once the word spreads that they are only in business for a quick sale and move on, sales will dry up.

Be in business for the long haul, do it properly and you will succeed for many years.