It’s a New Year and you promised yourself last year this would be the time when you set goals and turned your dreams into your reality. But, for some reason you are worried or even fearful about taking that step in a new direction and you have a hit a road block! It’s OK I was once at the place you are now and I took my time to work on ‘why’ I was stuck.

It can be quite painful to feel that you are denied access to your new life. Here are a few ideas that may enable you to concentrate on a solution versus the challenges, and once you can see clearly, you will be ready to go.

  • Write down your plan, which in essence is the idea you have had for a while and the reason you decided to set a goal.
  • Be honest with yourself and write down the reasons why you are fearful and stuck and unable to move forward.
  • Remember your passion and the reason why you wanted to make changes in your life. Write down all the exciting opportunities you are looking forward to once you are on your journey of discovery.

We actually confine ourselves to a place which has invisible barriers, and we feel trapped, but have no idea how to escape to enjoy the new life we have wanted for so long. One of the reasons this happens is because we try to rush the process in the beginning, this leads us to feeling overwhelmed and we stop believing we can achieve our goals.

Maybe we decided not to plan ahead and set short and long term goals, obviously because we were excited to set out on this new path leading to a better life. Think of the goals as your road map, and as we all know we tend to get lost without a map when we are driving to certain destinations in our car, so the same applies to our goals.

As time goes on we find excuses not to carry on:

  • Lack of money
  • No time
  • No help

One thing I did was to sit myself down and work backwards to the beginning of my dream, to the ‘why’ I wanted to change my life. This enabled me to start thinking positive thoughts and to envision my new life and how wonderful it could be. We all feel disappointed or disillusioned at certain times in our life, that’s normal, so the first step is to acknowledge this and find out why we feel the way we do.

Another suggestion I can share would be to find a Self-Assessment Quiz online and once you have the results, and please be honest when answering the questions, you will discover so much more about yourself. We don’t tend to recognize that we change over time, and some of our assets, such as listening skills might disappear, and some of our bad habits get worse, or even disappear altogether.

Knowing ourselves first and foremost is a huge benefit when beginning a new phase in our life. Once we know who we are, we can begin to explore our new life in more details and also know others better also.

Always remember its about choices, the choices you make and the experiences you go through are a learning curve, failure goes hand in hand with success. Ultimately your choices are part of the reason you arrived at that place you wanted to be.