Expect The Unexpected

Whether we are employed and working for an organization, or if we have our own business, not expecting the unexpected challenges to disrupt our lives means sure disaster and stress! Unexpected challenges in our personal and work lives need to be dealt with, the longer we leave them the worse they become. If a challenge needs to be taken care of immediately, how do you cope?


Accepting That You Have a Challenge in Your Life

We can decide to ignore whatever challenge has entered our life or we can deal with it. If, for instance, you have an accident that means you can’t actually run your day to day tasks at work, and in your personal life, accepting that your life has changed in the short term is the first step.

Once you have acknowledged the challenge needs to be dealt with, the next step is to ensure everyone who needs to know are notified that you will be:

  • Absent from work for the foreseeable future.
  • You will not be able to conduct face to face meetings.
  • You can’t complete all the personal tasks at home that you need to, such as preparing food, looking after children, or even getting dressed etc.

Deciding What You Can Do Versus What You Can’t Do

Depending on the challenge in your life, for instance if it impacts a family member physically, but not you, that could mean you are still able to work on a part time basis. If the challenge is yours but it’s not a physical one, that could mean you are still able to conduct some of your work duties, if not from a physical office, but from a home environment.

If you have broken an arm, or resting from an operation, this could limit your ability to carry on business but at least let people who need to know that you are out of action for a certain amount of time. Maybe seek the assistance of a friend, or family member to send emails for you, as an example.

Our Calendar

I know it’s difficult not filling up our time and marking our calendars as *busy*, but it’s always a great idea to leave space in between meetings, and when time in the office is marked on your calendar, be sure to leave some space for those unexpected client visits, or emergencies.


Whether the challenge that has interrupted our work schedule is our own, or a family member, our motivation can dip to a level where we feel we can’t carry on. We may feel overwhelmed, depressed, or even so tired we can’t sleep. This would be a good time to talk to someone about how you feel, and if needed visit your health professional. Challenges can cause severe mental health issues.


I often say ‘you can’t be wealthy if you are not healthy’. Our health should be the forefront of our decision when a challenge arrises in our life. Ensuring that we can pay our bills may mean we have to put our business on hold for a certain amount of time and see what financial help we can receive to see us through.


We Can Do This

Have faith you will get through the challenge, believe in yourself, and above all ask for help if needed.

Thanks for reading my blog post, I love reading your emails and if you want you can always leave comments here.