Quantity or Quality? Is it better to have thousands of connections or fewer connections, what are the pros and cons?

Networking is my ‘thing’ I am not an expert, or a specialist, I am just able to build my success with the aid of consistent networking. I have been working on my networking skill-set for over 16 years.

Having a strategy for networking is crucial, and this may change from time to time. In my new book Business Networking in a Nutshell, Secrets From The Social Sweetheart, I share some of my strategies, past and present that have worked well for me. Towards the end of my book there is a chance for you to plan your own networking strategy, check it out. My book is one of the top best sellers in business education on Amazon!

So do you prefer quantity and have thousands of connections? Most of whom you don’t know, don’t build relationship with, and in reality they are useless to you, unless you want to see them as your trophies on the wall.

Or, like me, do you prefer quality connections with whom you engage, do business, and they often become your brand ambassadors?

I use LinkedIn as a great resource to connect, engage and gain many clients, I am also seen as an influencer. I am ranked in the top 12% for profile views among my connections. This is a great way to measure my networking strategy actually works.