Why You?

We all receive the same messages online, and we all get asked the same questions face to face.

  • Please connect with me
  • Please buy my products/services

In essence we all want others to do something for us; to take action in some way. The question is why? Why would we do something for someone we hardly know, or don’t know at all?

Another important question is, why do we not take action when it is someone we know?

Food for thought indeed.

It’s All About Networking

A gentle reminder;  it’s all to do with networking, and below are some ideas what networking is not all about.

  • Networking is not just about joining an organization and paying money to be a member. 
  • Networking is not just about attending every event in sight.
  • Networking is not just about being online.
  • Networking is not just about you!

It’s about a whole lot more, and yes, a plug for my book, Business Networking in a Nutshell, Secrets From The Social Sweetheart, available on Amazon.


Networking is about who you are, what you want, how to achieve those goals, and of course being a part of a community or many communities, far and wide.

A few reasons why people tend to “network” face to face and online.

  • They are looking for a new position, a new job, different work, different organization.
  • They are looking for more sales, customers, clients.

Wonderful, the two most important reasons why people network.

But, and yes I always add my but…the majority of people fail and don’t reach their goals. They don’t get referred for that new job, they don’t get more customers/clients.

Would it seem reasonable to suggest that people think it’s all about what THEY want.? But it’s not just about them is it?

Think First

Know the reason you are networking, connecting online, and be honest with yourself. Think before you ask, act, request, etc.

There are so many fantastic reasons to use online resources but using them effectively and consistently is where you will find your pot of gold.

If you only want to enjoy the social aspects of online resources you can stop reading now, I will not be offended.

If you are using online resources, platforms, etc to build your online presence, i.e. brand, recognition, sales, referrals, new job, then there are many ways to do this.

Think about this for a moment, if you want someone to take action, if you want someone to do something for you, do you really think asking a stranger, a person with whom you have no relationship at all, will be effective?

The other question to ask yourself is, why are the people whom you are connected to and who do know you well (you believe) are not assisting you reach your goal by buying from you, sharing your brand, referring you?

Turn that question around, would you really and truly do something for a stranger, a person unknown to you, or a person known to you with whom you have no relationship?  We are talking about in the business sense here. We are not talking about giving back to your community, with credible organizations who may give back to strangers.

A couple of things people ask others to do online in particular are:

  • Like my page
  • Buy my products/services
  • Refer me
  • Vote for me ( in many capacities not just political)
  • Share my page, information, website, etc.

Some of the above requests to take action cost no money at all, but they may take someones time. Time is money.

All of the above, in certain degrees are risky – it’s a risk to refer someone you don’t know.

It’s risky to buy products or services from an unknown resource.

It’s a risk to vote, in any capacity, for a Board, a Committee, or in the political sense, if you know nothing about the person(s).

Why – IS the question.

The Point of This Blog Post

We are all feeling the pressure and feel overwhelmed  with requests online and face to face, when networking, and in our personal lives.

Where business is concerned it’s about making the right choices.

All it takes is a little bit of thought, and research.

We can’t help everyone we come into contact with, it is impossible. Like attracts like.

The most successful alliances, partnerships, trusted relationships and success stories are all due to the fact that the people involved know exactly how networking can or has assisted them. Networking is consisted of  a multitude of elements that can lead to many opportunities, benefits, successes and much more.

My Success

I knew no one in business, politics, finance, anyone who had a business, or worked in the public sector. Over time I have built those relationships with friendly, trustworthy, influential individuals. We have a mutual respect for each other, we assist each other and we are there for each other.

My strength lies in my transparency, my desire to build strong communities, and of course I do the work involved where my business and networking are concerned..

I researched, I planned, I prioritized, and I was proactive and still am, every step of the way.


Next time you reach out to request someone to do something for you, think before you ask. Know who you are asking. Why you are asking. But, why would they assist you?