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My Children Were My GPS

Desperation Wins Over Fear Today I am sharing my story from way back when one of my three awful paid jobs involved selling vacuum cleaners. First off all those years ago I had never tried to sell anything in my… Continue Reading →

Building Trusted Relationships

Why build trusted relationships? When in business it’s difficult to know someone after a few meetings. Not everyone portrays the real them, at first, or ever, which was very difficult for me to come to grips with in my early… Continue Reading →

Are You A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Are You Genuine? You have your own business and you want to make connections so that you can build relationships and gain referrals. The question is are you who you appear to be? I know I have been disappointed quite… Continue Reading →

Be Clear About Your Purpose

If you sometimes have a hard time speaking up because you are not sure how to phrase your message, here are some ideas that may help you. Make your position known and ask for what you want. Present a logical… Continue Reading →

Why Small Biz Owners Need Support

Are you connecting with new small biz owners just to sell them your products and services? Surely this is cruel? If you go back in time to when you decided you wanted to start your first business, can you remember… Continue Reading →

Feeling Like a Fish Out of Water

I worked very hard and still do at building relationships of trust, and this is because it’s not very comfortable feeling alone, at any time, but less so when you are in business. Being the new girl on the block… Continue Reading →

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