Your Business

You are at the point in your business where growth is continuing, your clients are referring you so you sit back and watch the world pass by. If this is true you will not continue to grow your business and client base for much longer.


“Complacency is an intrinsic flaw that prevents organizations from pushing beyond the status quo to achieve exceptional successes. Avoiding complacency is essential to any businesses long-term longevity.” Author unknown.

Keeping Up With New Business Trends

  • Attend industry related events, such as trade-shows, networking, and sales events
  • Pay attention to online content
  • Check out your competitors
  • Invest in training courses

When attending trade-shows observe, listen and after the event research any of the new product, service or ideas that you discovered. Know what you need, versus what you think you should have.

Networking is a great way to discover new and emerging trends by chatting with other business owners, and industry experts.

Sales events are another way to observe and research your needs.

Emerging Trends

I have implemented the examples I am sharing with you below for quite some time and have measured the success of these trends.

Mobile Devices

Ensure your website is responsive to the screen size, due to the varying array of smart phones on the market today. Consumers need to be able to access the information quickly and if the information is not current, or readable easily, they will go elsewhere.

Online Platforms

Obviously a lot of the well known platforms such as Twitter have now been around for many years. But, knowing why you are using Twitter, how to use it effectively, and when it’s a good time to post, is the answer.


Everyone can make and use video today, consumers in particular. When deciding to use video for marketing, sales, networking, emails etc, ensure you know the facts. Where to host your videos, whom to share with, when, why, how all important aspects.

I was chatting with a good friend of mine recently, also a business owner like myself. We have a trusted relationship so share our thoughts and ideas now and then. He mentioned how he is using video emails so I jumped on board and I am now using video for my emails and also my online platforms. A great way to share your message. Short and sweet videos work best.


Research sounds like hard work, but it’s not. With all the social media platforms, articles, blogs, videos, networking events out there, the research can be done in a fun and beneficial way. Obviously you can read books and newspapers too.

Your Success

It’s well worth doing a great job of keeping up with new business trends to ensure you are not left behind.