Are you waiting for that all important opportunity to come knocking on your door? Wait no more – you are wasting your time, opportunities are in front of your face but you are not noticing them. Someone else has grabbed your opportunity. So where does that leave you?

Meaning Of The Word Opportunity

The word opportunity means “a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.” ┬áSo let’s look at the evidence in front of our eyes. Are opportunities flying around in the sky and all we have to do is look to the heavens and beckon the opportunity we want to come down to us? I think not.

Business Opportunities

Being a small business owner myself If I had not noticed the opportunities in front of my eyes, I know for sure it would have taken me a lot longer, if ever, to grow my two businesses.

Before I share more insights about opportunities I do have to tell you that not every opportunity is a benefit to you. For instance, as a new small business owner if someone asked you to pay them thousands of dollars in order for them to create your success, that’s a big NO NO! Run the other way. That’s not an opportunity that’s a scam in waiting. The only person gaining from that opportunity would be the person taking your hard earned cash!

Examples Of Great Business Opportunities

  • An invitation to meet business owners who are willing to share their success stories with you.
  • Mentoring – if people in all different areas offer to mentor you, for free, that’s a wonderful benefit.
  • Sponsorship – being offered sponsorship for an event you are hosting.
  • Free publicity – always great for your marketing strategy.

There are many different examples of opportunities, too many to list, and of course it depends on the individual and their needs, lifestyle, business etc.

Some Opportunities That Helped Me

After my second diagnosis of cancer I returned to school, this in itself was an opportunity. I could have refused, thinking going back to school would hold me back. Whilst there I was given the opportunity to better my speaking skills. I spoke at various schools and colleges, for free, and this really helped me know some of the points I excelled at when speaking, and some I needed to work on.

I was invited to attend the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) as a paid guest. This encouraged me to work even harder to reach my goals and within a year I was able to join that organization as a Professional Speaker.

A friend suggested I should appear on a local community TV show, Daytime20. I was scared and nervous but it offered me more exposure. I appeared on that TV show since 2001 until present, a great opportunity.

The opportunity of some bed rest is kind of a weird opportunity, but it enabled me to write my first book! After a serious operation I could not work for at least 8 weeks and rather than twiddle my thumbs and complain about being bored my husband suggested I write the book I never had time for. This accelerate my business growth and was a great opportunity to gain more referrals.

Obviously I have more examples, too many to list, but you get the idea.

Why Do We Turn Down Opportunities?

Well this is a great question and one that we probably won’t like to admit we already know some of the answers.

  • We don’t feel we have the time when offered as an opportunity.
  • Complacency. Pure and simple, we feel comfortable in our cosy little word and fail to go out and explore those opportunities abounding everywhere.
  • Walking around with our eyes firmly shut and our ears not hearing. We fail to notice or hear those all important opportunities. This is when our listening skills should come into play.
  • We fail to see the benefits involved.

Once again I am sure you can add to the above list, so feel free to email me or leave your comments here.