You asked me for this blog post so here it is. How do you know if the time is right to start your business? That’s an awesome question and one I never gave a thought to way back in 2001 when I started Motivational Steps¬†way back in 2001. You might think I was being silly not to give this a thought, but in my case, I had not even thought about starting a business let alone whether it was the right time.!

The first step to determine is not whether your business is ready to launch, but whether you are ready to start and operate your own business. You would be amazed how many people never consider this part of their strategy; that is if they even have a strategy.

The things to consider that are quite important might be, do you have children who need to be taken care of on a daily basis, including all the sports activities, sick time, school runs, etc. Think about how you would cope if you had a business to run and the many tasks involved in being a parent. There are lots of other considerations such as working more not less, having less money, because believe me money does not grow on the small business tree for all to take when they wish.

Once you have determined you are ready to go from a personal perspective, just do it, yes just do it. I did and look at me now. If you wait for the right time, the right idea, the right market, you will never do it.

There is an awful lot to be gained from owning your own business and if you read my blogs you will see there are certain steps to take and foundations to build, I did it and so can you.