I was informed via email there are even more changes happening on LinkedIn, whether they are better or not is for us to find out. I am discovering most of the social media platforms are merging into each other in many ways. No distinctive way to tell one from another. Bad branding.

Don’t make this same mistake, stay authentic, stand out and be different from the crowd in a way that works for you.

You may think your competitors way of doing things, or brand is better than yours, but thats a misconception, in most cases. But even if they at this present time moving forward faster than you, are surely the way forward for you is to find your own way, and not be like everyone else? Don’t reinvent the wheel, take a little of what you like, but make it your own.

There are millions of businesses out there to be found, find your way, don’t turn into a copy-cat brand that looks and feels the same as every other business.

Check out the most original and successful well-known brands out there and discover Why they work, Why they are different, Why they stand out from the crowd.

One example is the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) Logo skillfully designed by co-founder Dave Ockwell-Jenner. It’s a very clever design for many reasons and is now well recognized and even though other brands do their best to emulate it, it’s one of a kind as it should be.

The logo encompasses everything the organization stands for which is quite clever, such as small business, community and networking.

When thinking about your brand your logo should be well thought out so that you don’t make some obvious mistakes. Such as having a logo that is not print and web ready. A vector graphic is made up of mathematically precise points, which ensures visual consistency across multiple sizes. This means that the logo can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Editing the logo later on is much easier. It can be adapted to other media more easily and continues to have a professional look and feel. There is nothing worse than seeing a logo that is fuzzy when made larger, or a logo that cannot be easily read online or in print.

Your logo is  part of your brand and should be easy to recognize and memorable. The rest of your brand is made up of many things including the look and feel of your website, the message you are sharing, and your customer service are all important aspects when building a brand that stands out from the crowd.

A few simple ideas that will offer you a head start when planning your business, brand, marketing, and other related tasks related to building a successful business.

As ever I welcome your comments, emails and social media engagement.