In this ever changing world of content it’s difficult to keep up with the new trends and of course experts advice on how many words should a blog post have. Take the time to do the research needed to find out a few simple facts, this will ensure you are on the right track.


Measure the success of your blog posts where search engine optimization is concerned. Is Google giving your blog post a higher ranking because of the length of your blog post? Write a few blogs and determine this answer after searching Google. Currently I believe the magic number of words Google in particular favours is around 700-800 words. But, if you are not a great composer of words don’t throw words in to make the word limit, your blog posts should still be enjoyable, full of excellent information and easy to read.

Content Tips

We all share our blog posts for different reasons, but in essence we are sharing information to a target market and we want them to do a number of things:

  • Become aware of our brand and remember us.
  • Share our blog posts with others.
  • Know facts and become educated about certain topics.

Your content, whether it’s a short blog or a long blog, should be well put together, with thought beforehand, and not a last minute dash to the goal post. Your text will be full of keywords without you actually having to do the work to make that happen. Your “storyline” can be full of interesting facts, figures, graphics and ultimately that is considered by most search engines to be a part of the criteria for ranking your blog.


With so much content to chose from in this content driven age, how can we stand out from the crowd and how can we ensure our blog posts are read, shared, liked, and of course top in the rankings game.

Be invested in your writing and above all know why you are sharing content, who your specific target market is and measure the success of your posts. I am a story teller and I find it easy to bring my readers into my life via my stories. When people share with me they can’t write, they are not published authors, I am quick to let them know this makes no difference at all to their ability to share their passion.

Imagine you are chatting with a client and sharing how you can help them, what your solution is and you are actively selling to them. Your passion stands out, your face lights up, your words fall out of your mouth in quick succession. Transfer your spoken words to paper, write with the same passion you speak and this will be recognized in your blog posts.

How long is a piece of string? I think we all know the answer to that.

This blog post is not 700 words long, because if I added any more words you would know they were filler words to make up the word count. I have shared my perspective and offered some tips, and I know when to end my post.