I woke up this morning and realized something very important, I was feeling stressed and needed a good cry! People often hide these feelings because they think it’s a sign of weakness, but it’s quite the opposite. Showing our feelings and admitting to ourselves something is wrong is a sign of strength.

If someone asks me how I am, I normally say I am fine, how are you? Then I thought about this and realized we have programmed ourselves to be polite and always say ‘I am OK thanks’. When in reality we may not be OK at that point in time but don’t want to burden others.

How can we operate on a daily basis if we keep stuffing our feelings in the back of our mind and hiding them? The answer is simple we can’t.

Share how you feel to yourself, with people you trust, and if you need to seek professional help.

I feel much better now I have shared my feelings with you.

As ever I am always happy to read your comments, I love receiving your emails and I am always happy to be invited to speak at your events.