We go through life not noticing the significance of coincidences. It’s as if we are not in tune with our intuition which could mean we let a great opportunity pass us by.

A coincidence is a little bit like fate, we have choices to make, we either listen to our inner selves telling us to find out more, ask questions, or we ignore the coincidence which means fate may never lead us to the opportunity.

I am very intuitive and I think this is something that I inherited from my Mother. Many years ago when I lived in the UK I worked a full time job during the day and a part time one in the evenings to save money for my first house. The manager at my part time job and his wife became my friends for life, but they eventually emigrated to Canada to live and work. I visited them in their new country and knew immediately I wanted to live in Canada, and a few years later I was actually living in Canada. Living in Canada offered me many opportunities including starting my own two businesses which in turn allows me to live the life many people only dream about.

I believe its very much about what the word coincidence actually means “A coincidence is a surprising concurrence of events, perceived as meaningfully related, with no apparent causal connection.” Also its about being in the right place at the right time, and once you have reached that point taking advantage of the opportunity afforded you.

If I had not decided to work part time, if I had not met my two friends, if I had not taken the opportunity to visit them in Canada, I would probably not be sitting here writing this blog post, here in Canada. Life is full of coincidences, it’s what we do when we encounter them, do we join the dots and follow our intuition, or do we ignore the signs and carry on the way we were?

Once again it’s about the choices we make, the opportunities staring us in the face and our openness to use our instincts to our best interests.