It’s September and I am starting to see the Breast Cancer Awareness tweets, etc showing up to ready everyone for October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. That’s great but as a two time breast cancer survivor I know everyone should be aware every day of the year, not just one month.

I did not think about breast cancer at all until I was diagnosed, other than the usual breast examination I did myself once in a while, I did not actually think I would be diagnosed with breast cancer once, let alone twice.

In fact the majority of women and men ( yes a percentage of men are diagnosed with breast cancer too), are not aware about breast cancer facts and these are the people we really need to reach out to so they are aware.

Awareness, Prevention & Early Detection are three of the major factors when being diagnosed with breast cancer or any other health related challenge.

Let’s all be aware, every day of the year about the changes in our bodies. Don’t fear the outcome, if you visit your health professionals on a regular basis, but especially if you think you have a health concern, even if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, the prognosis has a better outcome because of early detection.

Be aware and show you care.