We all want to sell, we all need sales, we need to pay our bills.

But, business has changed over the past 18 years, the way we sell has changed, and those of us who have survived and are still operating thriving businesses, knew how to change and why.

How Has Selling Changed?

The hard sell, cold calling, is not as popular as it used to be. The large corporations have realized that with the onset of social media and the millions of small businesses out there, it was time for change.

Obviously the cold caller still calls people via a list and may get some success depending on the type of business it is. As well as the cold caller knocking on doors, once again some people have more luck with this than others.

But, essentially, it is easier today to grow your brand online via all the social media platforms, build relationships and gain loyal clients.

The way businesses sell has changed dramatically.

Long Term Strategies

If you are in business for the duration, and planning long term strategies, loyal clients will recognize this.

We are all tired of being sold to, before the sales person even knows what solution we need.

Your strategy should include some of the following elements:

  • Build a strong brand that is recognized and memorable.
  • Research your target market, you can’t sell to everyone.
  • Connect, Engage, and build trust online.
  • Follow up consistently.

The Sleazy Sales Person

The sales person who can’t be bothered to take the time to find out what your needs are, versus telling you that they know what you want, they can sell it to you, and then you never hear from them again, is the kind of salesperson you do not want to be!

These people can often be found knocking on your door, phoning you or chasing you around networking events in order to sell to you.

It’s OK to Sell

Obviously it’s a great idea to want to sell your products and services, otherwise why would you be in business? But, it’s the way you do it that counts, especially in this day and age.

Taking the long road to your sale does not take up as much time and effort as you would imagine. Using the right resources online, following up and of course knowing your customer well enough to build trust is the way to go.

Check out this short video clip where I make the point of not looking like a sleazy salesperson. Please check out my video and leave a comment, thanks!

The Perception People Have of You

Part of your brand is the perception people have of you, your business, your brand, and of course your products and services.

The ball is in your court, you can either build a smart, strong, stand out from the crow brand, that people know is trustworthy and they want to do business with, or not.

Check out the brands online that you admire, see what stands out, what you like and what you don’t like and, ultimately, how long have those brands been in business and are they still successful?

The research you carry out will only take a short time to complete, this will enable you to know what you want your brand to look like, feel like and how it will be perceived by your target market.

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